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Tom Forcade and the Agents of Chaos

Sean Howe has written the book that pulls together all the major headline and backstage stories of the Vietnam-era antiwar movement and ties them together around the mysterious figure of Tom Forcade. His Agents of Chaos: Thomas King Forcade, High Times, and the Paranoid End of the 1970s will certainly be considered one of the classic new sixties’ histories along with Judy Gumbo’s Yippie Girl: Exploits in Protest and Defeating the FBI, which came out in 2022. Tom Forcade: Man of Many Moods Tom Forcade was the mysterious, unsung former publisher of Underground Press Syndicate, the first nationwide network of underground papers from the Vietnam era. The underground press was the antiwar, independent, dissident press. He was the first underground press editor to obtain press credentials. He was a major […]

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Revealed: The Truth Behind Santa Claus

Is your grandchild or child at the age where they are beginning to doubt the existence of Santa Claus? Mary O’Neill faced that existential moment when her granddaughter questioned the round one’s existence. That night, Santa Claus, the real St. Nick, came to her in a dream and revealed the truth. Thanks to Mary’s having had a notebook and pen at the side of her bed, she was able to capture Santa’s message as he spoke, in her first book, A Letter from Santa Claus, released last year. A Letter from Santa Claus is recommended for kids ages 10 to 14 as they begin to question their belief in Santa and his Christmas Eve mission. Can something so wonderful be real? Does growing up mean losing the magic? Mary will […]

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Please Join Me at Ann Arbor Community Bookfest

On Sunday, September 10, the formerly known Kerrytown Book Fest will make its debut at the Ann Arbor District Library Downtown as the Ann Arbor Community Bookfest. Where: 353 S. Fifth Avenue When: 10-5 I’ll be there at the Azenphony Press table on the main floor of the library. I invite you to come by, say hello, and browse through them. Here are the ones I will be showcasing: Star of the Show The spotlight of my table will be on my new book, the second edition of You’ve Got the Time: How to Write and Publish That Book in You. Last year, two titans in the independent publishing world, Draft2Digital and Smashwords, announced their merger. The move upended the industry. My first edition needed an update. It has now […]

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You’ve Got the Time, 2nd ed., Available for Preorder

Azenphony Press is pleased to announce that the second edition of Ken Wachsberger’s You’ve Got the Time: How to Write and Publish That Book in You is available now for the amazingly low ebook preorder price of $2.99. Normal ebook cover price is $4.99. Your ebook preorder will be delivered to your inbox on launch day, which is February 8, 2024. Bonus #2: The softcover version, normally priced at $20, is available for preorder from Barnes & Noble for $15. On launch day, you can pick up your book at the store where you ordered it or instruct them to mail it to your home. It will be available in ebook and softcover versions across most devices and file types, including .epub, .mobi, and PDF. You’ve Got the Time teaches […]

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Resistance Hero Releases Story on Draft2Digital

Friends, I am pleased to announce that Never Be Afraid: A Belgian Jew in the French Resistance, the book I co-wrote with Holocaust resistance hero Bernard Mednicki and is now in its third edition, has just been released today, March 7, on Draft2Digital. You can get your copy right here. Through Draft2Digital’s distribution network, Never Be Afraid will be available for purchase on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Apple, Tolino, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, 24Symbols, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, Vivlio, Palace Marketplace, and Amazon. The D2D version became necessary last year after Draft2Digital and Smashwords merged. Major portions of You’ve Got the Time: How to Write and Publish That Book in You became outdated. There was no way around it. I had to write a second edition. Producing this version of Never […]

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