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David Newman Shamelessly Promotes His Way to Bestseller Status

Do you think being able to claim bestseller status for your book would boost sales and increase your credibility as an expert in your field? It didn’t hurt marketing expert, author, and speaker David Newman. 39 Straight Months For 39 straight months after its release in 2013, David Newman rode the crest of bestseller status with his nonfiction business book, Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition. During the launch period alone, his book was, according to rankings: • #1 Bestseller in Marketing for Small Business • #2 Bestseller in Marketing • #2 Bestseller in Entrepreneurship • #1 in “Hot New Releases” in Marketing • #2 in “Hot New Releases” in Marketing & Sales • #2 Bestseller in Marketing (Paid Kindle […]

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Publishing Success Starts with a Business Plan

Before you get too wrapped up in writing your next book, get focused. It starts with a business plan. “The most common mistake I see,” says bestselling author David Dye, president of Let’s Grow Leaders, “is that authors start writing without a plan. If you’re writing to explore your thoughts, that’s good. If you’re writing to sell your work, you want to think through your ideal buyer and reader.” “Know Your Jennifer” How do you do that? “Know your Jennifer.” “The idea behind “Know your Jennifer” is that you pick a specific person who embodies your ideal reader and then write to them. Create a list of their goals and their problems. Use these key desires to construct your outline.” Then build your platform and your marketing plan. Identify your […]

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Authors, Build Your Income Stream

Writing and publishing your book is the easy part. The hard work begins when you build your income stream through promotion and sales. That’s also where you spend and earn your dollars and you establish your reputation. Embrace the Income Stream Process So embrace the process. Have fun with it. You have more ways to market and move books than you will ever have time to implement and more ways to measure success than just book sales. I travelled to conferences all over the country to speak with like-minded souls, students, long-time friends, and potential readers about my adventures in the Vietnam-era antiwar movement thanks to my four-volume Voices from the Underground Series about the independent, antiwar underground press. Sometimes I was paid for speaking. At others, I spoke for […]

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Authors, Grab Your Share of the Growing Audiobook Market

You’ve created print and electronic versions of your book. Congratulations. But why stop now and miss out on the $2.5 billion audiobook market? “There is a growing perceived or actual ‘scarcity’ of time people feel they can spend sitting and reading,” says David Wolf, founder of audiobook production company Audivita Studios, “which presents an opportunity for authors across the spectrum.” Including you. So, let your fans listen to your book while they’re running errands in the car, walking their dog in the park, riding the stationary bike at the gym, and drifting off to sleep. Finding Your Voice (or Someone Else’s) First, Wolf says, you’ve got to find the narrator, who may or may not be you, “based on the capacity of the author to actually perform the reading, which […]

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Coding Files and Uploading Them

Coding files for your book so you can upload them to their respective platforms may be a task you farm out. It has to be done but you don’t have to do it. Coding Files Starts with Smashwords I start with Smashwords when coding files for my ebooks. I like Smashwords. Founder Mark Coker is a writer who has created a writer-friendly platform to distribute ebooks. He regularly posts blogs and offers website promotions to help Smashwords authors sell more ebooks. His free ebook, The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide, suggests more ways to promote books than I will ever absorb. I also like that he pays royalties monthly even if the amount owed is as low as a penny. Let me put that into perspective. Traditional publishers often  withhold royalties […]

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