Do you need help writing your book?

Programs at Ken Wachsberger, The Book Coach, consist of two parts: Program Features (listed below) and Suggested Programs.

Help Writing Your Book: Program Features

My writing and editing programs are tailored to fit your needs. Basic features include

  • Background questionnaire
  • Manuscript development
  • Regular phone and conference calls
  • Daily email communication
  • Final manuscript editing

and more.

Background Questionnaire

Before your first complimentary 30-minute phone consultation, you will complete a simple background questionnaire that will help me to understand

  • Where you are now in the book-writing process
  • What kind of help you want
  • Your current business plan
  • Your level of commitment and urgency
  • and more

Your program will be personalized to fit your unique needs.

Get started now.

Email Communication

Daily email communication keeps us in touch between calls. Here we focus on day-to-day issues that affect your writing productivity. We address challenges you’re facing with your manuscript. And we discuss other topics that arise suddenly and require immediate resolution.

Clients often consider my regular emails to be the most valuable feature of my writing and editing programs.

Final Editing

When your final draft is completed, I edit it. I

  • Correct errors in mechanics, grammar, and spelling.
  • Smooth transitions between paragraphs, between sentences, and within sentences.
  • Cut fat from wordy sentences and fill gaps in incomplete ideas.
  • Help you to rearrange tangled thoughts.
  • Ask questions whose answers add clarity and value for your readers.

If you’re looking for the best book coaching, I can help you. With my writing and editing programs, you will unleash more word power and artistry with less puff than you ever believed possible. That’s my promise to you.

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“instrumental with the inevitable anxiety”

“During the early stages of writing my book, an art historical study of the portraits of ancient Roman priestesses, the Vestal Virgins, I met with Ken every other week for coaching. It was important to me to work with a writing coach like Ken who is a published author himself. I knew very little about shaping years of research into a book, and it was reassuring to know that Ken understood the process. Because Ken is a social scientist and not an art historian, he helped me to keep my book accessible to Molly Lindner’s Portraits of the Vestal Virgins, Priestesses of Ancient Rome, edited by Ken Wachsbergergeneral as well as specialized readers, which was a major goal of this endeavor. In our bi-weekly meetings, Ken gave me constructive feedback on the book’s Introduction and parts of Chapter 1. 

“As I was working in Ohio and only drove back to Michigan every other week, it was difficult to keep up the momentum of writing my book, but meeting with Ken was instrumental with the inevitable anxiety that comes from putting out one’s ideas and arguments into the public domain.” 

—Molly Lindner, author, Portraits of the Vestal Virgins, Priestesses of Ancient Rome (University of Michigan Press, 2015)

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