Whether you are writing your book for professional credibility, to transform your life, for the fun of it, or just to prove your high school principal wrong, a book writing coach can guide you through what can be a confusing and intimidating process.

The technology that makes independent publishing possible is everywhere. It’s inexpensive. But it’s so intimidating.

And who’s got the time in a hectic world?

Why Hire a Book Writing Coach?

As your book writing coach and editor, I work closely with you, listening and responding, while you write the book that is already inside you. I guide you along your journey as you take the “13 Steps to Successful Writing.” When life gets in the way and you fall behind in your goals, I keep you on target. Before you submit your final manuscript, I edit it, like I’ve been doing for the better part of fifty years.

As your book writing coach and editor, I go beyond mechanics, grammar, and spelling. Any editor can do that. With my manuscript editing, I

  • Smooth transitions between paragraphs, between sentences, and within sentences.
  • Cut fat from wordy sentences and fill gaps in incomplete ideas.
  • Help you to rearrange tangled thoughts.
  • Ask questions whose answers add clarity and value for your readers.

How Will You Publish Your Book?

If you choose to self-publish, I will show you how to get your book published, referring you to experts to handle necessary skills that are beyond my expertise.

Or, if you choose to publish with a company other than your own, I can provide expert contract and negotiation advice based on my over thirty years as a book contract adviser with the National Writers Union.

What Are You Waiting For?

You’ve got that book in you. I can help you bring it to life.

Contact me today for your complimentary 30-minute coaching session.

“expert and professional consultation”

“Ken Wachsberger is one of the most prominent scholars of the American counterculture and his work on the underground press has been particularly valuable to me in my own studies of Beat literature. While working on the manuscript of The Spiritual Imagination of the Beats, Ken proved to be an excellent person with David Calonne's The Spiritual Imagination of the Beats, edited by Ken Wachsbergerwhom to discuss my work and he did a superb job reading over my drafts and making valuable suggestions.

“The Spiritual Imagination of the Beats was published in September 2017 by Cambridge University Press and has received excellent reviews. Ken’s ideas helped me greatly in shaping my final manuscript and I would recommend his work highly to any author who would like expert and professional consultation.”

—David Stephen Calonne

“great force for producing excellent literature”

C.H. Miller's Lance Lebos: The Journey Home, edited by Ken Wachsberger,I met Ken Wachsberger twenty years ago with a dream of publishing my first book. I knew Ken was recognized for his incredible writing talents. However, I could not have imagined by working with Ken that my own writing ability would go to an extraordinary level. I highly recommend Ken Wachsberger as an editor, teacher, and a great force for producing excellent literature.”

—C. H. Miller, Author, Lance Lebos: A Journey Home

“warmth, positivity, and encouragement”

 “Your warmth, positivity and encouragement as an editor still stand out.

—Dave Morley, freelance journalist and communications specialist

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