Revealed: The Truth Behind Santa Claus

Is your grandchild or child at the age where they are beginning to doubt the existence of Santa Claus?

Mary O’Neill faced that existential moment when her granddaughter questioned the round one’s existence. That night, Santa Claus, the real St. Nick, came to her in a dream and revealed the truth.

Thanks to Mary’s having had a notebook and pen at the side of her bed, she was able to capture Santa’s message as he spoke, in her first book, A Letter from Santa Claus, released last year.

A Letter from Santa Claus is recommended for kids ages 10 to 14 as they begin to question their belief in Santa and his Christmas Eve mission. Can something so wonderful be real? Does growing up mean losing the magic?

Mary will be my guest at the Ann Arbor Community Book Fest, Sunday September 10 at the Ann Arbor District Library Downtown, 353 S. Fifth Avenue.

  • Where: Azenphony Press table, Booth 29
  • When: 10 to 1

Come and meet her, hear her story, and get yourself as many signed copies as you need.

* * *

Ken Wachsberger is an internationally acclaimed book coach and editor whose Voices from the Underground Series, about the Vietnam era underground press, was called “the most important book on American journalism published in my lifetime.” He speaks on writing for healing and to preserve your legacy.

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