Please Join Me at Ann Arbor Community Bookfest

On Sunday, September 10, the formerly known Kerrytown Book Fest will make its debut at the Ann Arbor District Library Downtown as the Ann Arbor Community Bookfest.

Where: 353 S. Fifth Avenue

When: 10-5

I’ll be there at the Azenphony Press table on the main floor of the library. I invite you to come by, say hello, and browse through them.

Here are the ones I will be showcasing:

Star of the Show

The spotlight of my table will be on my new book, the second edition of You’ve Got the Time: How to Write and Publish That Book in You. Last year, two titans in the independent publishing world, Draft2Digital and Smashwords, announced their merger. The move upended the industry. My first edition needed an update.

It has now been updated and expanded. While it will not be available for general purchase until February 8, 2024, for you I will have softcover editions on hand for your immediate purchase. Be the first on your block!

I wrote it for my book coaching clients in the National Speakers Association. If you are writing a book and would like accountability and expertise to guide you along your journey, let’s talk. You can learn more about my coaching here.

Supporting Cast

Here are some of my other favorites:

I was the editor and the vision behind the landmark series of histories of individual underground newspapers from the Vietnam-era antiwar movement, the largest in our country’s history. Stories are written by key insiders on each of the newspapers. Papers represent the gay, lesbian, feminist, Black, Native American, Puerto Rican, campus, Southern consciousness, military, prisoners’ rights, student, psychedelic, spiritual, and other alternative voices of the period.

Voices from the Underground was called “the most important book on American journalism published in my lifetime” by In These Times when it came out in 1992. Los Angeles Times said it “comes closer than anything I’ve yet read to putting the sights, sounds, and texture of the ‘60s on paper.”

Now, thanks to a second edition published by Michigan State University Press, it has been broken down into four separate volumes and new stories were added. If you have any interest in the Vietnam era, you’ll want at least one volume.

Bernard Mednicki was a Belgian Jew who fled Belgium when the Nazis invaded in 1940, took his family to southern France, posed as a Christian, and, through a series of street-smart moves, found his way into the Maquis, the French Resistance.

While there, he committed an act so horrendous, he blocked it from his memory. A well-placed question at the right moment during my interview with him broke through the defenses he had erected and the memory that haunted him was released. Only by feeling the pain of that memory could he find healing from it and prepare himself to “see my ancestors.” Today, I speak about writing for healing and to preserve your legacy. Bernard’s story, Never Be Afraid: A Belgian Jew in the French Resistance, illustrates both goals.

Nothing could have prepared me for the shock of discovering that the love of my life had breast cancer. I found lots of sources on how I could help her but no sources anywhere on how to keep sane while I was helping her. She was the perceived victim but I was a victim also: a silent victim.Your Partner Has Breast Cancer: 21 Ways to Keep Sane as a Support Person on Your Journey from Victim to Survivor is the first resource for support people. Don’t go it alone. Real men seek help.

“All I can say is wow! I found this booklet helpful, informative, moving, and clearly a labor of love,” declared Dr. Helen Pass Director, Division of Breast Surgery, and Co-Director of Women’s Breast Center, Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT.

Nearly 150 hilarious testimonials, horror stories, close calls, hard-luck adventures, and words of wisdom from experienced job seekers everywhere. The perfect gift for that friend or relative who is looking for a job, already employed, or trying to figure out where to fit in.

Ken Wachsberger’s Puns and Word Plays for the Job Seeker is “guaranteed to be your funniest twenty minutes of the day.”

Quantity discounts are available for gifts and conference giveaways.

When was the last time an English textbook awakened your imagination and held out the hope that you could change the lives of your students?

Transforming Lives: A Socially Responsible Guide the Magic of Writing and Researching shows your students how to turn Ken Macrorie’s visionary I-Search paper into a full-length, life-changing research project. Transform your life as well.

My first book, the seventies’ coming of age, on the road, cult classic adventures of a young college dropout hitchhiker in search of the perfect flow and what it means to be a writer. Author and zen phony Ken Wachsberger is “one of the country’s foremost experts on intranational hitchhiking in the seventies.”

Bonus: Come by my table and find out how you can receive a complimentary copy of Beercans on the Side of the Road: The Story of Henry the Hitchhiker.

We’re having fun now.

I’ll see you Sunday September 10 at Ann Arbor District Library Downtown, 353 S. Fifth Avenue.



* * *

Ken Wachsberger is an internationally acclaimed book coach and editor whose Voices from the Underground Series, about the Vietnam era underground press, was called “the most important book on American journalism published in my lifetime.” He speaks on writing for healing and to preserve your legacy. For book coaching and editing help, email Ken at [email protected].

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