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Name files on your computer so they are findable

Name Your Files So You Can Find Them

The electronic files you create for your book won’t all be for portions of your manuscript. They may include text that you write for the website that will promote your book when it comes out, and correspondence with typesetters, artists, printers, web developers, editors, groups that want to hire you as a speaker, and experts and celebrities who you are inviting to write forewords and testimonial quotes. You’ll create other files for your daily freewrites, questions you need to answer, and experts to answer them. All of them need to be carefully named so you can find the right file when you need it no matter how complex your folder system becomes and how old the files are. How to Name Book Files Here’s the way I name book files. […]

Help! I don’t like to write (but I need a book!)

Guest Blog by Cathy Fyock, CSP, The Business Book Strategist You know you need a book as a tool to propel your speaking, coaching, and consulting. You know it will open doors for speaking engagements. It will provide another revenue stream. It will firmly establish you as a thought leader. It will provide you with a new hook for garnering media attention. So why is it so darn hard? Even though I’m a book coach and the author of ten books, I don’t like to write! I would much rather be speaking or coaching or consulting. Heck, I’d rather be doing almost anything before I’d want to sit down and write (just short of scrubbing my bathroom floor). Writing is hard work. And you’re a busy thought leader. So how […]

Find Book-Family Balance with the Me-You-Us Theory

What do you do when the book you are writing takes over your life and your family starts to feel left out? So you put aside your book to be with your family. So you start to resent your family because they’re taking you from your book. So you start to feel guilty because you really do love your family, but your book …. Stop it! You’ll go crazy trying to balance impossibilities, you’ll lose your family, and your book still won’t get done. Let the Me-You-Us Theory guide you to sanity and publication success. It worked for me. It can work for you as well. Editing Four Books at a Time after Day Job One of the most difficult periods of my long, happy marriage with my life partner, […]

Reward system: Nintendo game

The Reward System Works

Does the idea of writing 200 pages seem unsurmountable? Break the task into smaller tasks and reward yourself along the way. The reward system is part of the process of writing, and it works. Reward Productivity; Alleviate Guilt My message to you is that you can set modest goals along the way to your finished products. When you achieve any goal, give yourself a reward: a half hour of TV without guilt or a phone call to a friend after writing three pages. Use the reward system not only to reward productivity in writing but to alleviate guilt if you think you should be doing something else — like earning a living. Unpack five boxes and write for an hour. Finish your taxes and write for an hour. You can’t […]

Burst of colors representing burst of free time for writing

Time for Writing Your Book: Find Those Hidden Nuggets

As a book coach in my early days, I was too nice when my clients told me they didn’t have time for writing. I didn’t want them to feel like failures so I allowed them to feel victorious if they wrote three times a week even for just a few minutes a day. Yes, that’s better than nothing. Those Bursts of Free Time But strive to do better than the minimum. If you’re a writer, writing is your job. You show up for work whether you feel like it or not. You find time for writing every day. As Stephen King said, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.” Write everyday no matter how much or how little you write […]