Smashwords Celebrates Read-an-Ebook Week

Friends, I’m excited to be participating in Smashwords’ 15th annual Read-an-Ebook Week special promotion from March 3 through end of day March 9. Each of my four books that I sell through Smashwords will be available at the giveaway price of 50% off.

On the first four of those days, from March 3 to March 6, I’ll spotlight one book each on Facebook and LinkedIn. For your convenience, I have included all four below, with their links.

Please spread the word about Read-an-Ebook Week and buy heavily! You always have an upcoming gift-giving occasion.

Thank you for your help and support!

Read-an-Ebook Week Spotlighted Books

You’ve Got the Time teaches you everything you need to know to write your book, publish it—independently or traditionally—and promote it.

I cover topics you won’t find mentioned in other how-to-write-a-book books, like how to name your files so you can find them a year later; and how to understand and negotiate your author contract.

My Me-You-Us Theory prepares you and your family for the time when the end is in sight, all you can think about is your book, they feel rejected, you feel guilty, you stop writing to be with them, you feel resentment, and they feel your resentment! No wonder book writing isn’t for everyone!

Are you a technophobe? You’ve Got the Time was written by one to help others understand the new technology.

And don’t tell me you can’t write a book because you have ADHD. Read my chapter on freewriting and let’s talk.

But only if you want to write more, better.

Your Partner Has Breast Cancer wasn’t a fun book to write but writing it kept me sane during a particularly turbulent time in my life. Now, it’s my gift to anyone who finds yourself facing similar turbulence.

Your Partner Has Breast Cancer is an example of writing to keep sane. Would you like to learn more about writing to keep sane? Let’s talk.

Get ready for the twenty funniest minutes of your day.

The gift you’ve been looking for to give emerging high school and college grads, and anyone just starting a job, just losing a job, getting psyched up to begin the search, or too burned out to try again.

Never Be Afraid is the heroic true story of Bernard Mednicki, a Belgian Jewish socialist storyteller who posed as a Christian and fought in the Maquis, the French resistance in southern France. It is framed around three Seders that span the length of World War II.

Elie Wiesel called it “moving, profoundly moving.”

Never Be Afraid is the ideal way to thank the host of your 2024 Seder. Buy another one for yourself.

* * *

Ken Wachsberger is an internationally acclaimed book coach and editor whose Voices from the Underground Series, about the Vietnam era underground press, was called “the most important book on American journalism published in my lifetime.” He speaks on writing for healing and to preserve your legacy.

For book coaching and editing help, and for interview requests, email Ken at [email protected].

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