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You Can Beat City Hall: The Power of a Well-Written Complaint Letter

Most people can’t write. If you can reduce an argument to the printed word with a well-written complaint letter, you force them to respond in unfamiliar turf. You have the advantage. In my own life, I’ve taken on the city of Syracuse, a window company, numerous landlords, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and many others just by writing letters. You can, too. Here’s my Syracuse story. Visiting Cousin Steven Several years ago, on a vacation journey to New York City with my wife, Emily, and my one-year-old son, David, we stopped in Syracuse to visit Emily’s cousin Steven. We parked our Chevette in the driveway because they lived at the top of a hill and, Steven warned, cars parked on the street were likely targets for oncoming traffic. The next morning, while […]

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