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Make Yourself a Cheat Sheet and Avoid Common Errors in Writing

In my last entry, “Overcome Fear of Writing Even Though You Can’t Spell,” I told you to not let your weakness in mechanics, grammar, and spelling (MGS) stop you from writing your next bestseller. In this entry, I give you a brief cheat sheet to help you avoid common writing errors. How many of them do you make? Brief Cheat Sheet Comma splices Separating two sentences with a comma instead of proper end punctuation: “It rained all day, I stayed inside.” Run-on sentences The same as comma splices except that when the first sentence ends you go straight to the second with no end punctuation at all: “It rained all day I stayed inside.” Subject-predicate and antecedent-pronoun disagreement Historically a problem because the English language had no recognized third-person singular […]

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