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Writing a Book Will Transform Your Life.

Writing a book will transform your life. I guarantee it. But the process can be intimidating even if you’re already a published author.

So if you’re feeling a bit hesitant to begin writing that book in you and you don’t know why, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Panic Is Step One

Panic is step one. Congratulations. It means you care.

But what is step two? And how many steps are there?

There are “13 Steps to Successful Writing” and that only gets your book written. Then you have to typeset it and design it and publish it and promote it.

Lesser humans have crumbled at the challenge.

Authors like you and me embrace it.

What a Ride It Is

And what a ride it is.

From that initial fear that you can’t do it;

To your slowly emerging confidence as your scattered thoughts find order and understanding through freewriting and research;

To the exhilarating free flow of writing and editing that takes over your life and threatens the bonds of weaker families for short periods;

To life-transforming success and enlightenment.

You Can Write That Book in You

You’ve got a book in you and you can write it if you want. I can help you. If you’ve read this far, you know it. You know that writing a book will transform your life. You would even start writing it now if you could let go of the crazy reasons why you think you can’t write one:

  • I’m not a good writer.
  • I don’t know enough about the subject.
  • No one will buy it.
  • It won’t be interesting.
  • I don’t know how to get started.
  • I won’t be able to publish it.

And the number one reason: I don’t have time.

You’ve Got the Time

Yes, you do. You’ve got the time. As your book coach, I can help you find it. And then I can help you write and publish that book in you. That’s what I do.

Contact me today.

Kristi Lynn Davis with Ken Wachsberger at Kerrytown Book Fest, September 11, 2016

If any of you are writing a book, go out and get yourself a Ken right away! He held my hand through the doubts and fears, pulled me out of the stuck places, and turned me into a writing ninja!

–Kristi Lynn Davis, Long Legs and Tall Tales: A Showgirl’s Wacky, Sexy Journey to the Playboy Mansion and the Radio City Rockettes

“Ken, when I began this class I thought that I would simply learn how to write a decent paper  — I was very wrong! Your class has given me not only a newly found confidence in my ability as a writer, but also something much more precious—an understanding and maturity that has allowed me to take the steps necessary to develop a healthy relationship with my mom. Through my I-Search project, I realized how important it is for us to be a part of each other’s lives. Thank you for giving me the ‘nudge’ I needed to embark on this search.”

–Former student